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Today I saw Him

Today I had to go out to the bus stop at like 6:25 when usually I would go at 7 on Tuesday since I didn’t want to be late for my final and what do you know, the earlier I get out of the house when I don’t want to the more I feel like God just wants to pour out his blessings on me.
The first thing I noticed was the red/pink/orangeness of the sky. Wow. I can’t describe that when I see it in the morning. It takes my breath away and it prevents me from thinking anything but glory be to God. I can’t help but enjoy seeing that view. It makes me want to fall on my face for the beauty created in and through and BY the Son of God Jesus the Savior.
The second thing I saw was the moon. I was a crescent shape, probably almost the same shape as this letter “C” except more crescenty shaped. It was sort of fading away as the sun came out. Do you know what? I think Jesus our Lord knew what he was doing when he created the sun. Do you know that? I can’t deny it. In my heart I am sure that he made the sun and the moon and the stars the way he did on purpose and for a reason that we can understand, so that we can see his glory.
I saw that moon and I thought to myself, what a beautiful sight, but then I realized that it means something. It was about 6:30 AM, the splendor of the moon was starting to vanish into the day. Well before we get into that let’s discuss what the moon does (in regards to what I am talking about). It is a planet in outer space that orbits the earth. When it is nighttime we often see a lot of moonlight, after doing some research it does seem that the moon reflects a large amount of light and it really is the biggest reason we can see fine at night even though the song is in no way directly shining light on the earth. The moon is meant to reflect some of the sun’s light. It reflects it so us humans can so. This is where I am going.
I’m silly but I even think it would be cool if randomly God made it so the word sun would end up being the same as the word son in english even though they are unrelated. It always helps me to think of God when I see it and hear “sun.” So then, I am making a connection between the sun and Jesus the son. My point is that Jesus is the all powerful and all consuming and all light. He is infinitely brighter than the sun but the sun is a great picture of him since we can hardly look at it even when we have such a misrepresented view of it, without the atmosphere we would be burnt to cinders I am pretty darn sure.
But think of the moon. When the sun “goes down” at night the moon “comes up.” Think about how when Christ was raised from the dead he was there for a time and then was raised into heaven and we are now left on the earth to bear his image as his body. We are his holy church spotless as he was on the cross dying for our sins because it is his same blood that covers our sins. Think of how when that moon comes up it is trying to reflect of much of the sun to earth as it can. The more sunlight it absorbs the less it reflects to us. Now compare this with our Christian walks.
We are meant to reflect what of Christ we can. We can not fully reflect him but just like a full moon, at some points in our life or like Paul, after much suffering and bearing up the afflictions of Christ, he reflected with basically his entire life the image of Christ. He didn’t reflect Christ in his full glory and fullness just like the moon only reflects a small glimmer of the sun but with all of his body he reflects the sun’s light. I feel like I am a terribly “C” shaped crescent moon in my walk with God. I feel like I reflect some of Christ’s image wonderfully at times but only such a small amount that it does not noticeably brighten up the “night” or the earth in this case. We as Christian’s are a light unto the world and are meant to shine in darkness, reflecting Christ like a candle on a table lighting up a house. It is in this sense we can see the analogy of the moon. When Christ is away we are left here to reflect his image to a dark world and so does the moon to a dark night. When the sun is up it has it’s own light and all else becomes less.
This is another point that can be made in this analogy (what a fun analogy!). When the sun is up the moon is there and sometimes visible but the light it reflects is basically nothing compared to the light of the sun. The sun is so bright that we don’t notice the moon. John the Baptist said, “He must increase, I must decrease.” If the moon were in the way and terribly bright then the sun would not be such a spectacle but the brightness of the sun so greatly outweighs the moon. It is not even a comparison.
Now think of a lunar eclipse? Think of the moon getting in front of the sun. The sun’s light is still clearly there and blinding, but it is basically blocked from being seen. And the moon appears not glorious all in terms of the light it reflects. It is purest black when it blocks the sun. Just follow these analogies of the sun and moon. Follow the anologies Christ puts into nature. I once heard that the seasons where in fall the leaves fall and die and in spring life becomes new again is a constant reflection of Christ to the world. These analogies may be silly to some but if you believe Christ created the earth then you must realize he created it with a fantastic and glorious purpose. He certainly knew what he was doing in showing the power and glory of God.
I hope that this journey into the analogy of the sky has blessed you in some way! It is a wonderful thing to think about and I hope it brings much glory to God when we simply marvel at his creation, speechless and dumbfounded.
Personally, and I am sharing something close to my heart, I am amazed at this and almost hold it as a glorious secret because I don’t know if God approves of it, but when I see an atheist and a random theist and a polytheist and all of them marvel together, all humanity together, marveling at God’s creation, I say to myself, I don’t care that you are an atheist or that you are Hindu or you reject Christ, etc. I just see that God’s glory drops the jaws of even those who hate him in their very hearts. They would not give him the credit for this marvelous creation and we all fail at this in our evil hearts, but it is so terribly wonderful that we as humanity no matter how evil we are, cannot possibly resist being in awe of the glory of God revealed in his creation. Romans 1:20

20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

I really think that the world testifies to the existence and glory of God when they marvel at beautiful cats and dogs and birds and the sun and ocean and stars and everything he created. It is so marvelous that even our sinful hearts become speechless, but then immediately we reject God and attribute the glory to something else instead of giving glory to our creator, or we think it unnecessary to give him the glory he deserves for it. I confess I often forget, but when we remember, do not hesitate to stop and pray to him about his glory and that he has graced us with it. It is so glorious to see his world and that we have eyes that were made to take in these wonders, eyes that were made to look to an all powerful God and take great joy in what he has done for us. He truly blessed us by putting us on this earth. We do not deny that the world is a wonderful place, we simply deny that the people are wonderful and that is because we have rebelled against the Lord.
If you are a nonbeliever (someone who just does not believe in Jesus Christ is your savior and your life) then think about the world. Think about how wonderful it is. If us humans had not done it such a wrong being evil in it’s glorious sight then everything would be spotlessly be wonderful, if we loved the creator and did all for him he made us then all would be perfect and God. he did not put us on earth to curse us but to bless us. Repent of your sins and turn to the almighty Lord and King! He died for us to be saved from our backwards way of life, he saved us from eternal punishment! Let us turn to him together as humanity and repent and love him like we should. God bless you and God bless you even more if you found your way to the end of this post! I hope you truly have seen more of God’s glory today than you had previously seen, or have seen a new glimpse of it.
I wish to give all the glory to the one who opens my eyes to what is already right in front of them. I lived for so long without noticing all of this and now that I can see it I am so in awe. I only wish in person I could say such things! God give me and all of your children the grace to be bold in public, Amen. God bless you!


The American Dream

The minute Christian’s start neglecting that the Great Commission is a part of the gospel they accepted is the very minute that they start thinking the great commission is. Happens to me all of the time!

If the Great Commission is not for us then does that mean that God doesn’t care about our friends but only cares about the friends of people who were given the gift of evangelism?
If the Great Commission isn’t for us then why did Jesus say:

Matthew 28

19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

If he said that disciples are to be taught to obey everything he commanded the apostles and he literally was commanding the apostles to go make disciples as he said this then why are all disciples not supposed to go and make disciples as well? I think most Christians don’t know what discipleship means today.

If the Great Commission is not for us then why did Paul say this in Ephesians 1:

18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, 19 and his incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is the same as the mighty strength 20 he exerted when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly realms,21 far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every name that is invoked, not only in the present age but also in the one to come.

If we literally have been given the same power God used when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him at his own right hand then what are we supposed to do with it? He gave it to us to use it to bless our friends and family with the gospel.

Please join with me in this journey as a disciple and stop believing in the American Dream. We have incomparable power and we are meant to use it! We can see men like Job who were extremely blessed and held onto nothing they had. Having things is not wrong but in America we often hold onto things without realizing it. Hold onto the gospel that saved you and I. I hope together we can bring this great gospel to the world through the power God has given us. Our friends and family will be so blessed by this message of salvation. They will perish for eternity without it though. The American Dream is only a good thing if this is our only good life but our life in the future is better and gets way better if we follow God and truly seek obedience in these things.

I struggle so much to do this but he gave us the power to do it so if we don’t give up he will bring about the necessary changes in us for us to be bearers of the gospel and even disciplers! God bless you

Not to Debate

I’m tired of writing things and having people not get the point. Most of my friends on facebook probably totally reject the idea that they are a sinner or are bad or they will at least reject the idea that they only have the wrath of God awaiting them if they never turn to him and repent of their lifestyle and trust in Jesus.
I don’t write things to debate or to just be nice when they are pleasant things. The only reason I write things is because I want people to just know. I don’t want to write these statuses and things just for the sake of being Christian or something. I am on this earth to be with the Lord and to do what is truly good. I am here to love YOU all. I don’t want my words to just pass over whoever reads them like nothing although if they do it may just be that they were not great words.
The point that I hope people don’t miss is that Jesus loves them. Jesus loves you. He fully and completely loves you. I don’t want you to miss this though because most people do. You may think well if he loves me then why do I have to do all of this stuff. Jesus loving you has nothing to do with that. Jesus loves us because we are God’s precious creation and we have all sinned against him. He loves us because he wants us to be redeemed and reconciled to God. That is what Jesus love does for sinners. It takes something ugly and disgusting before the eyes of God and turns it into something perfect and pure and it is all through Jesus.

Don’t think God wants to just accept you as you are and be your friend or that Jesus wants that. He cannot be friends with a sinner like you think he might want to be. Yes Jesus does want to be the friend of sinners but for the sake that they might repent and be saved. He often ate dinners with the people who were cast out as the worst sinners by the Jewish culture because he loves them and was living his life so that people like them might be rescued and would come to him and repent and live the lives they were meant to live, a life that honors and brings glory to God.

God created man not to please man, he created us because he is good and we were to reflect his image on the earth and to shine his glory upon it through being his children. That is the life I was meant for and it is the life I desire yet I so often get into debates on here and I understand people don’t believe what I believe but I just won’t debate anymore. It just isn’t right. People don’t need to be debated with. They need to accept the love of God. Yeah we need to understand it to accept it but the only reason we don’t accept it is because of our own sinful hearts, so deeply sinful that we can fully reject God’s existence. God is a God of love, but he is a God of love who does not love evil.

Please hear me, we were all born sinful little babies, innocent to everything in the world, but our hearts were going to grow into sin desiring hearts from the start. I am not sending you a message of despair though. That is not what the gospel is. Don’t miss this message. If you reject it then at least seek if out to discover more about it.

The gospel is for people like us! Why would Jesus die for people like us if he didn’t truly love us? He does love us and since Jesus loves us we know God loves us. But the purpose of this love is that we might become his, bought by his blood to be redeemed, to have eternal life. Life is not something we understand as just living. It is TRUE life. Life is being alive and since we are spiritual beings it means our spirits must be alive, not just our bodies. The Christian who was bought by Jesus’ blood will live on to experience his love and compassion for all of eternity. This is what God wants for you and me! He wants this eternal relationship. Don’t reject that please, I am sure you can see why it is so good. It is so wonderful but you and I can see so many turn it down because they valued their short lives on the earth so much. Don’t put a value on the sinful life that rejects God because that is the same life God rejects and he punishes those sinful humans who choose that path.

I am not hoping that write now you fully understand Jesus and fully have faith that everything about Christianity is spot on. You will have questions in your heart. That is not the point. The point is that we are sinful people and we must see the need for repentance in our lives. Don’t keep on living thinking your life is good in the eyes of your creator unless it is because you have accepted the love of his Son. Have you believed in him? Then let’s talk more!

A Question

So there are laws of the universe like gravity and many others. Why do they keep working? Comments welcomed! Remain anonymous if you wish!


My favorite thing ever. Grace Grace Grace. I can’t earn it. I can’t do anything to lose it. I never did anything to earn it and I can never do anything so great as to fall from grace

One challenging thought of the day

Christians using their God reflex pray before most meals as a family or a lot of us do it individually and I always wonder why we do that and where it came from. I don’t think it is wrong, I think it is wonderful but something about it has always felt fishy to me and I have always sort of wanted to stop just praying before a meal to switch it up and see where God leads me and I think I realized why it always felt so weird!

We as Christians literally only pray before meals! I don’t mean we never pray otherwise, we do pray in meetings and all sorts of things. But think about it, we pray before we consume food to thank God for it and to ask him to use it to give us strength. When was the last time we did something like that before anything but food? What about next time you CONSUME TV? Are you going to pray before you watch your favorite TV show and ask God to use it to strengthen you? Are you going to thank him for that TV show? Is it even appropriate for you to thank him for it and can he even strengthen you spiritually from you seeing it? Those are just questions we should ask ourselves before we watch and if it is appropriate and wonderful to watch then why don’t we thank him for it in prayer in our heads like we would for food? We are still consuming aren’t we? We don’t pray before we read a fiction novel yet if it is wonderful to read why not pray before we consume it? If we cannot rightfully thank God for it and ask him to strengthen us through it should we even read it?

So my tips are to really judge for yourself before you consume something if you can apply the same criteria you do to food of asking God to strengthen us through it. And I don’t count sweets as something that can’t strengthen us. when I eat ice cream I know it aint good for me but it can strengthen my spirit because it is still so wonderful. So consider anything you consume as something you should thank God for. I know for me this is an extreme challenge because I consume things with my eyes 24 7. But aren’t we supposed to pray without ceasing and to rejoice always? Well maybe thinking about what we as Americans consume can help us to do these things since we have so much to thank God for!

So apply the criteria test. Can you thank God for it? Can it even strengthen you? I admit sometimes it his hard to see how something can strengthen us and maybe sometimes those things should be thrown out because they may be poisoning us. If it leads you into laziness it is not strengthening you. Just see how these things affect you. But often times even things that we aren’t sure about can strengthen us if we have a Godly and heavenly perspective about it so consider that too.

Remember some of the things Paul says about stuff like this. He says he is free to do all things but are all things beneficial? No so he won’t do all things

And he says that he is free to eat food sacrificed to an idol because he know that there aren’t even fake gods because they aren’t even gods at all, they are just things people personally choose to make god. So he can eat that food because it was sacrificed to a nothing and he knows that food is still clean but he wasn’t willing to eat it if a brother didn’t think it was clean because he doesn’t want to tempt that brother in sin

: so if you have a brother or sister who struggles with a sin and say you are watching a tv show that might tempt them towards that but doesn’t tempt you then maybe don’t watch it where they can see or don’t watch at all to show them you care about them and don’t want them to fall into that sin. This can be applied in so many ways.

My whole point is to think about everything that we are consuming and to thank God for it because it is good and if it isn’t good then to throw it out. I only gave a few examples so if this meant something to you then you should probably examine yourself. I need to as well! The bible gives us ways to see if it is or isn’t God and it gives us ways to see how we can always thank God for things in our hearts and always rejoice because he is good.

God bless you!

My own Advent Adventure

I was just watching the King’s Speech for a while on netflix, watching movies like this being something I haven’t done in a long while, and the time came when the speech teacher and the newly named King George the VI, previously the Duke of York I think, was about to be introduced unknowingly to the speech teachers wife. The teacher hadn’t wanted to tell his wife about the duke, and now the king, being his student for one reason or another, I hadn’t been paying attention that well. But when the time came for them to be introduced it was a total surprise to her. The king was in the house or study of the teacher and then the teacher’s wife walked in the door. She was talking with the King’s wife who I suppose was then the queen, surprised to find out who she was talking to. She was basically shocked and in a bit of a stupor not knowing what to say. And then the teacher was cowering in the study probably because he hadn’t told her before that he was teaching the king, but the king got tired of waiting and sees that there is no use in delaying so he opens the door to the study and she is standing right outside. The teacher introduces her to the king and the way she acted is the whole reason I am writing this post.

I just imaged her situation when I saw it, how she was this random teacher’s wife who had just met the queen out of nowhere and she feels like such an ordinary person. And then when she meets the king she is even more dumbstruck. All she can think to say is, “Will your majesty’s be staying for dinner?

I hope you are starting to get the picture I am trying to paint. I can imagine that in that moment if the king had asked her to do anything like go take care of something or go tell people in the streets he was there (which never would have happened) that she would have done it just out of obligation to the king. She wouldn’t have worried about why she was doing it or if it was hard, she just would have done it.

After thinking about that I just thought about how what if someone like that was in my room house right now and I opened up the door to see them, say it was the governor of California or even the President. It could be anyone well known like that. I imagine I wouldn’t know what to say and I would be a bit in awe. Just like the teacher’s wife in the movie I would just be at a loss for words and I would just be thinking about how I can help this important person out or what are the right words to show proper reverence.

But how do I think of Jesus? Jesus is the King that came. He is here and he is alive. He died but he rose from the grave and he gave me a command to go and make disciples of all nations, basically to tell people about him, what he did and what they should do because of it. But guess what? I lack desire and I have a total fear in that mission! When I think of the King Jesus, the Lord Jesus Christ, I don’t get that sort of stupor that the teacher’s wife got. I am not in an awe just hoping to be of service somehow. She of course just met the king and I claim to have known Jesus for a while now, but I don’t know why that should change anything. Whenever I think about Jesus and his deity I feel like I should be in awe. I should stumble in my speaking trying to muster up something meaningful to say. When I pray I don’t have that reverence though and I don’t feel like he is anything more than a friend and my God who I talk to and who hears my prayers. I know he is those things but I don’t think about WHO he is, I just think about the role he plays in my life.

I think my point is this, if I truly recognized who he was and how ridiculous it was that I was in his very presence then I think that I wouldn’t worry about anything, I would just do what he said to serve him like anyone would serve the king. He would just be in that place in my mind where it is like, “Oh my, oh my, this is Jesus, the King of ALL kings, the Lord over ALL Lords, the master of everything and everyone who has ever been created for all of eternity” (that means forever and ever and ever). If I had that mindset which isn’t something you can just get, it is something that comes by the grace of God, then I don’t think I would have a fear. If I knew who he was I would be eager to tell people of the coming King! I would be excited that I had this job to do while I was on earth. It would be a tremendous honor to serve him. Yet most people don’t want to spread the gospel, most don’t want to be a part of the great commission and I am guilty just like the rest of the lot. I just don’t know my own King.

In light of advent and this adventure, I just want anyone who might actually read this to consider who Jesus is. He is the reason for the season, not just in meaning, but in every sense of it. He is literally the reason we have this season. The soul purpose of this season is because the King came, and like my buddy Matt posted the reason for this all is because the Man Jesus came 2000 years ago and he will be coming again. He was king and is King and 2000 years ago was the King to come and then he died and was raised from the dead and ascended into heaven and now he is once again the King to come because he is returning and we have a job to do! If anyone wants to be blessed with that sort of realization then maybe watching the King’s Speech would somehow help, I have no clue! the part I referred to is like an hr and 20 into the movie. We need to realize who this Jesus is. We need to serve him because it is the only worthwhile cause! He is the reason we are still here on earth people. Christian he is why you are here. Non Christian it is the same for you. We are all her because of him. A Christian is here to tell people of the Lord Jesus Christ and everyone else will one day confess he is Lord just like the bible says. We literally will all bow before him one day. There will be no refusing and you won’t do it because someone takes your body and pushes you down forcing you to bow. We will all do it for the same reason, I believe the Christian and non Christian alike won’t have totally different reasons to bow before the King when we see him. I really think we will all be too dumbfounded like the teacher’s wife in “The King’s Speech” to say a word.

Don’t forget the reason for our season. Don’t legalistically do anything but read your bible! Get yo head in the Word! We need to understand this season. I am so far behind in my bible reading, I waste days and days so don’t think I am being a hypocrite by preaching something without being accountable for it. I admit I fail! I still know that I can’t miss this though. I just can’t miss it. Nothing is worth missing what this season is all about because it is the entire reason we are on this earth. The reason we are alive is because of him. God bless you!