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Why are things so confusing

June 2, 2013

I hate debating and don’t want to debate anything but this is just something that confuses me a lot I guess.
So I think (but I don’t know) that atheists basically believe it is impossible for an always existing or eternal being to exist with no beginning in sight or no end.

What confuses me is that atheists must think that it is more likely that the universe is a never ending cycle which somehow ended up containing matter. I don’t get how that is more reasonable than a creator.

When I accept that a creator made the world I don’t claim to say I understand how something could have existed eternally. I can’t grasp that concept. But it seems more likely that matter was made and designed than that it just came out of nowhere without any initial causer. I know this goes back to the whole idea that nothing doesn’t cause something so something must have been the cause.

Why is an infinite chain of purposeless events more likely than God? I don’t get it. I know if I were atheist I would think the other way maybe and say why is God more likely. I simply look around and see physical matter that I can feel and hold and it has weight. I just can’t grasp that it all came from nothing. It not only doesn’t make sense but it seems impossible. The existence of an eternally present being who existed eternally into the past doesn’t make sense to me but it seems possible because it make sense that we came from somewhere.

Especially since we are so organized. If a randomly purposeless universe can come together to make things and become so organized then it just makes sense that there must have been something that caused it. I am not talking about evolution. I just mean the fact that things are organized at all. The fact that things work so darn well just wouldn’t make sense if it were an infinite chain of events into the past.

And if things had a beginning like it seems they do and it also seems that after billions of years things will basically end and entropy will have spread everything out and minimized energy in the universe then an infinite chain of events wouldn’t have a middle section where we exist. We couldn’t have come from that if there is a beginning or some end of the organization of matter in sight. At least that is sort what I’m thinking.

Another thing that is always on my mind are the laws of nature. They just exist. They hold in place. I don’t care if there is some discovery they may vary throughout the universe. There is no reason that laws of matter should hold in place unless they are held in place by something. If things were random things couldn’t just be so stable. We couldn’t just exist.

Now I can feel the fire burning in me where I just wanna yell out Jesus is the answer. And in the end he is the point of this post. I can feel the tears welling up because I don’t understand why so many will never believe in God. I understand why they won’t believe in Jesus, they don’t want to, but believing in God seems so basic to me after thinking through this and I am just frustrated and sad.

Things are so ordered. There is moral order, nature has order, things work well (I don’t mean to say we live in a good world I just mean we live in a world that is connected and sensical). No things like suffering and pain don’t make sense to me. I don’t understand how the idea of a hell will glorify God more than having not made people that would end up in hell. But at that point my frustration would lead me to question God which isn’t logical to do because I trust Him. It is all for his glory. This confusing place all will make sense one day and Jesus will make all of the pain I feel go away. But it breaks my heart that some will experience that pain forever and it will only get worse.

I love the picture that KP Yohannan painted of it. After million million billion years people in hell will still cry out I am thirsty I want to be free but their suffering has not even yet begun because it will go on for eternity. And you can imagine that in million million billion years it has still not begun. At the end of all time the time of their suffering is still no closer to an end than it is the moment they go to hell.
All I know is Jesus is the way the truth and the life and all who believe in him will be saved.

Wanted to add something to the end of this I thought about after.

The main reason that so many going to hell doesn’t make me lose faith is because I partially know the heart of God. I have a glimpse of what he went through and what he wants for all of those people bound for destruction. He wants them to accept the cross and follow Jesus and to be saved from wrath. He died just to give those hell bound people a chance to be redeemed and he did it all by his own power and never requires us to use our own strength but to always rely on him.
And I know that his heart today is to continue reaching out to the entire world. Jesus spent his 3 years of ministry giving everyone he ever saw a chance to come into the light through the way he talked to them. He had a heart for people and he still does. He wants all Christians to pray and rely on Him and to go out into the world telling people the gospel and loving them. He does not want them to undergo his wrath he wants them to experience his love.

That is what comforts me most with all of these thoughts of hell.


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