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Jesus is being serious

February 27, 2013

As a Christian (if you are one) have you ever been mad at someone for anything at all, for something they did against you or bugged you or anything in any way? Read Matthew 18:21-35 and be filled with joy. My bible has a little footnote that 10,000 talents is comparative to millions of dollars btw.
Jesus tells this parable comparing what God has done in forgiving us (paying back an immeasurable amount of money) to what we do to anyone when we are not gracious and merciful with them. God has given us so much mercy that if we do not turn and give mercy to others then we will be asked to pay back all we owe God and we know we don’t have anything to pay him back with which probably means we will “pay” by serving an eternal punishment.
Im not kidding, do you get annoyed with your brothers or sisters or with friends? Let us learn how great God’s love is for us so we are filled with a desire to express mercy to others.


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  1. I don’t mean to say we will reach perfection in this. It is just a challenge 🙂 We have no right to gripe or complain or hold a grudge so we should draw ever nearer to God and learn to live a life of love and peace and servitude to express our love for what he has done

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