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You must answer today

February 7, 2013

So many people don’t know where they would end up if they died today, if they died right now. They think they would stop being anything (stop existing), they think they will go to heaven but have doubts, few may think they are going to be punished after death in some sort of hell.
What do you believe? Do you believe death is all just meaningless and you will have nothing to answer for? I believe I will be judged right after death and will be counted either guilty for the way I lived or righteous.
No one will be judged righteous by what they did, they will all be judged guilty for the way they have lived because they have not chosen to surrender their life to God and repent and believe upon the work of Jesus Christ in his death. The only way to be seen as perfect at the end of life is to have the blood of Jesus cover over all of one’s sins. All sins are judged and through Jesus all sin is forgiven and none who is under salvation will receive any condemnation. Those who have accepted the cross and it’s life giving power have repented of their ways and are free from slavery to a self serving life.
I will struggle against sin for the rest of my life but hope is building in me because the forgiveness in Jesus is eternal and I do not doubt the power of Jesus to save me from my self brought condemnation.
Do not continue on in life without asking yourself what your life means, do not continue on without realize how short life is. It is a dust in the wind compared to eternity. You will not be on earth very long. America wants to trick you into living a life full of worldly pleasures (things money can buy, life full of evil, sexual lust, life full of selfishness). America is so full of selfishness that the Christian so called church in this country will lie to you and will to tell you you must truly turn to Jesus and repent to receive salvation. This world wants to take a person and give them hope that they will be fine at death but it cannot give any assurance of this. You have to simply trust that what your friends tell you is right, you have to trust that there is no good God out there. You have to trust that there is nothing that will punish you even though our own consciences condemn us when we sin.
We do not have peace of mind because we do not have eternal hope in Christ. We have doubt because God is real and He will not abandon the universe, he is actively involved in every single process that happens on this planet and beyond. The atom is held together because he holds it there. He creates the strength of the electric field and the strong force, He makes gravity what it is, he gives the world substance. Without physical there is only spiritual left. When the whole universe is shaken when judgement comes all that was temporary will die and be cast into the fire but all that has eternal life will life.
I just wanted to give you a true message today and present the gospel to you in a way where you may realize that you are not safe without it. I hope you desire the true gospel and freedom from a life of sin. It is so hard to let go of sin, we need to love of Jesus to let go, but nothing is impossible with God. Seek him and do not give up. Do not let your own doubts deter you. Do no let your own shortcomings make you think salvation is impossible for you. Seek his truth and he will give it to you.
And that’s the gospel truth.


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