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Today I saw Him

December 12, 2012

Today I had to go out to the bus stop at like 6:25 when usually I would go at 7 on Tuesday since I didn’t want to be late for my final and what do you know, the earlier I get out of the house when I don’t want to the more I feel like God just wants to pour out his blessings on me.
The first thing I noticed was the red/pink/orangeness of the sky. Wow. I can’t describe that when I see it in the morning. It takes my breath away and it prevents me from thinking anything but glory be to God. I can’t help but enjoy seeing that view. It makes me want to fall on my face for the beauty created in and through and BY the Son of God Jesus the Savior.
The second thing I saw was the moon. I was a crescent shape, probably almost the same shape as this letter “C” except more crescenty shaped. It was sort of fading away as the sun came out. Do you know what? I think Jesus our Lord knew what he was doing when he created the sun. Do you know that? I can’t deny it. In my heart I am sure that he made the sun and the moon and the stars the way he did on purpose and for a reason that we can understand, so that we can see his glory.
I saw that moon and I thought to myself, what a beautiful sight, but then I realized that it means something. It was about 6:30 AM, the splendor of the moon was starting to vanish into the day. Well before we get into that let’s discuss what the moon does (in regards to what I am talking about). It is a planet in outer space that orbits the earth. When it is nighttime we often see a lot of moonlight, after doing some research it does seem that the moon reflects a large amount of light and it really is the biggest reason we can see fine at night even though the song is in no way directly shining light on the earth. The moon is meant to reflect some of the sun’s light. It reflects it so us humans can so. This is where I am going.
I’m silly but I even think it would be cool if randomly God made it so the word sun would end up being the same as the word son in english even though they are unrelated. It always helps me to think of God when I see it and hear “sun.” So then, I am making a connection between the sun and Jesus the son. My point is that Jesus is the all powerful and all consuming and all light. He is infinitely brighter than the sun but the sun is a great picture of him since we can hardly look at it even when we have such a misrepresented view of it, without the atmosphere we would be burnt to cinders I am pretty darn sure.
But think of the moon. When the sun “goes down” at night the moon “comes up.” Think about how when Christ was raised from the dead he was there for a time and then was raised into heaven and we are now left on the earth to bear his image as his body. We are his holy church spotless as he was on the cross dying for our sins because it is his same blood that covers our sins. Think of how when that moon comes up it is trying to reflect of much of the sun to earth as it can. The more sunlight it absorbs the less it reflects to us. Now compare this with our Christian walks.
We are meant to reflect what of Christ we can. We can not fully reflect him but just like a full moon, at some points in our life or like Paul, after much suffering and bearing up the afflictions of Christ, he reflected with basically his entire life the image of Christ. He didn’t reflect Christ in his full glory and fullness just like the moon only reflects a small glimmer of the sun but with all of his body he reflects the sun’s light. I feel like I am a terribly “C” shaped crescent moon in my walk with God. I feel like I reflect some of Christ’s image wonderfully at times but only such a small amount that it does not noticeably brighten up the “night” or the earth in this case. We as Christian’s are a light unto the world and are meant to shine in darkness, reflecting Christ like a candle on a table lighting up a house. It is in this sense we can see the analogy of the moon. When Christ is away we are left here to reflect his image to a dark world and so does the moon to a dark night. When the sun is up it has it’s own light and all else becomes less.
This is another point that can be made in this analogy (what a fun analogy!). When the sun is up the moon is there and sometimes visible but the light it reflects is basically nothing compared to the light of the sun. The sun is so bright that we don’t notice the moon. John the Baptist said, “He must increase, I must decrease.” If the moon were in the way and terribly bright then the sun would not be such a spectacle but the brightness of the sun so greatly outweighs the moon. It is not even a comparison.
Now think of a lunar eclipse? Think of the moon getting in front of the sun. The sun’s light is still clearly there and blinding, but it is basically blocked from being seen. And the moon appears not glorious all in terms of the light it reflects. It is purest black when it blocks the sun. Just follow these analogies of the sun and moon. Follow the anologies Christ puts into nature. I once heard that the seasons where in fall the leaves fall and die and in spring life becomes new again is a constant reflection of Christ to the world. These analogies may be silly to some but if you believe Christ created the earth then you must realize he created it with a fantastic and glorious purpose. He certainly knew what he was doing in showing the power and glory of God.
I hope that this journey into the analogy of the sky has blessed you in some way! It is a wonderful thing to think about and I hope it brings much glory to God when we simply marvel at his creation, speechless and dumbfounded.
Personally, and I am sharing something close to my heart, I am amazed at this and almost hold it as a glorious secret because I don’t know if God approves of it, but when I see an atheist and a random theist and a polytheist and all of them marvel together, all humanity together, marveling at God’s creation, I say to myself, I don’t care that you are an atheist or that you are Hindu or you reject Christ, etc. I just see that God’s glory drops the jaws of even those who hate him in their very hearts. They would not give him the credit for this marvelous creation and we all fail at this in our evil hearts, but it is so terribly wonderful that we as humanity no matter how evil we are, cannot possibly resist being in awe of the glory of God revealed in his creation. Romans 1:20

20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

I really think that the world testifies to the existence and glory of God when they marvel at beautiful cats and dogs and birds and the sun and ocean and stars and everything he created. It is so marvelous that even our sinful hearts become speechless, but then immediately we reject God and attribute the glory to something else instead of giving glory to our creator, or we think it unnecessary to give him the glory he deserves for it. I confess I often forget, but when we remember, do not hesitate to stop and pray to him about his glory and that he has graced us with it. It is so glorious to see his world and that we have eyes that were made to take in these wonders, eyes that were made to look to an all powerful God and take great joy in what he has done for us. He truly blessed us by putting us on this earth. We do not deny that the world is a wonderful place, we simply deny that the people are wonderful and that is because we have rebelled against the Lord.
If you are a nonbeliever (someone who just does not believe in Jesus Christ is your savior and your life) then think about the world. Think about how wonderful it is. If us humans had not done it such a wrong being evil in it’s glorious sight then everything would be spotlessly be wonderful, if we loved the creator and did all for him he made us then all would be perfect and God. he did not put us on earth to curse us but to bless us. Repent of your sins and turn to the almighty Lord and King! He died for us to be saved from our backwards way of life, he saved us from eternal punishment! Let us turn to him together as humanity and repent and love him like we should. God bless you and God bless you even more if you found your way to the end of this post! I hope you truly have seen more of God’s glory today than you had previously seen, or have seen a new glimpse of it.
I wish to give all the glory to the one who opens my eyes to what is already right in front of them. I lived for so long without noticing all of this and now that I can see it I am so in awe. I only wish in person I could say such things! God give me and all of your children the grace to be bold in public, Amen. God bless you!


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