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Not to Debate

December 8, 2012

I’m tired of writing things and having people not get the point. Most of my friends on facebook probably totally reject the idea that they are a sinner or are bad or they will at least reject the idea that they only have the wrath of God awaiting them if they never turn to him and repent of their lifestyle and trust in Jesus.
I don’t write things to debate or to just be nice when they are pleasant things. The only reason I write things is because I want people to just know. I don’t want to write these statuses and things just for the sake of being Christian or something. I am on this earth to be with the Lord and to do what is truly good. I am here to love YOU all. I don’t want my words to just pass over whoever reads them like nothing although if they do it may just be that they were not great words.
The point that I hope people don’t miss is that Jesus loves them. Jesus loves you. He fully and completely loves you. I don’t want you to miss this though because most people do. You may think well if he loves me then why do I have to do all of this stuff. Jesus loving you has nothing to do with that. Jesus loves us because we are God’s precious creation and we have all sinned against him. He loves us because he wants us to be redeemed and reconciled to God. That is what Jesus love does for sinners. It takes something ugly and disgusting before the eyes of God and turns it into something perfect and pure and it is all through Jesus.

Don’t think God wants to just accept you as you are and be your friend or that Jesus wants that. He cannot be friends with a sinner like you think he might want to be. Yes Jesus does want to be the friend of sinners but for the sake that they might repent and be saved. He often ate dinners with the people who were cast out as the worst sinners by the Jewish culture because he loves them and was living his life so that people like them might be rescued and would come to him and repent and live the lives they were meant to live, a life that honors and brings glory to God.

God created man not to please man, he created us because he is good and we were to reflect his image on the earth and to shine his glory upon it through being his children. That is the life I was meant for and it is the life I desire yet I so often get into debates on here and I understand people don’t believe what I believe but I just won’t debate anymore. It just isn’t right. People don’t need to be debated with. They need to accept the love of God. Yeah we need to understand it to accept it but the only reason we don’t accept it is because of our own sinful hearts, so deeply sinful that we can fully reject God’s existence. God is a God of love, but he is a God of love who does not love evil.

Please hear me, we were all born sinful little babies, innocent to everything in the world, but our hearts were going to grow into sin desiring hearts from the start. I am not sending you a message of despair though. That is not what the gospel is. Don’t miss this message. If you reject it then at least seek if out to discover more about it.

The gospel is for people like us! Why would Jesus die for people like us if he didn’t truly love us? He does love us and since Jesus loves us we know God loves us. But the purpose of this love is that we might become his, bought by his blood to be redeemed, to have eternal life. Life is not something we understand as just living. It is TRUE life. Life is being alive and since we are spiritual beings it means our spirits must be alive, not just our bodies. The Christian who was bought by Jesus’ blood will live on to experience his love and compassion for all of eternity. This is what God wants for you and me! He wants this eternal relationship. Don’t reject that please, I am sure you can see why it is so good. It is so wonderful but you and I can see so many turn it down because they valued their short lives on the earth so much. Don’t put a value on the sinful life that rejects God because that is the same life God rejects and he punishes those sinful humans who choose that path.

I am not hoping that write now you fully understand Jesus and fully have faith that everything about Christianity is spot on. You will have questions in your heart. That is not the point. The point is that we are sinful people and we must see the need for repentance in our lives. Don’t keep on living thinking your life is good in the eyes of your creator unless it is because you have accepted the love of his Son. Have you believed in him? Then let’s talk more!


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